Today is March 3rd, which is an important day in an important month.  Today! Is my sister Nidja’s Birthday!  I called her at about 12 last night to tell her Happy Birthday, and we talked about her new job and her plans for my spring break.  March 1st was my 2 year anniversary with the beautiful Valencia Abraham!  Throughout our relationship she has been a constant source of encouragement and a motivation to better myself (and I’d like to think I provide the same).  I remember when I asked her out the first time through text message, and said, “maybe we should goeth outheth” and she responded “Maybe we shouldeth”.  I ran around the band room at least 5 times and fell on the ground, responding something like “Cool!”.  The next day I told her that I wanted to ask her out differently, and asked her out on the balcony, (where she was on my right) and her smile illuminated my soul.  Illuminates currently, will continue to illuminate.  My soul is brighter than easter dresses because of her smile!  It really makes me happy to be able to call her my girlfriend and just love on her!!!!  The 24th is Valencia and her mom’s birthday, and of course, march is when I prepare for my mom’s birthday in April.  Currently I am traveling to Alabama with the Claflin University Pep Band to cheer the University’s basketball team on!  I’m actually just excited to get out of Orangeburg and into a city.  I’ll probably go over to University of Alabama to see what the music department there is like, maybe get a little jam session going.  (Does he even go here?). Then spring break is next week, then! Is the boston trip with the Claflin University music department, for another week, giving me time to network with some Jazz musicians, and again, experience a big city.  I love the opportunity to step out of what I’m used to and experience life!  That’s the best part of college for me, the experiences preparing you for everything from 8:00 mornings to jazzed out nights.  (I prefer the jazzed out nights xp).  I’m just feeling really appreciative today for all the things I’ve been afforded in life so far and the things that will come.


I wrote this two days ago, but I wasn’t near my laptop, forgive me!