It’s early in the morning

Good Morning All!

You may be thinking to yourself, “Even though it is technically the morning, does he have to say good morning?”  Nope! I don’t however, it provides a pretty nifty segue into the topic for this blog post.  When I was younger, I didn’t hate jazz, but I didn’t really care that much about a music that wasn’t “saying anything”  However I always had memories of songs my mother used to play when I was a child such as Lullaby of Birdland (if it isn’t Sarah Vaughan it isn’t the right version) and Equinox by John Coltrane.  One day I received a present from my father which enclosed one of his favorite Cd’s:  Joe Williams, Blues Under a European Sky.  Image

(Note that this album for a long time sat next to my first rock album, Panic at the Disco’s A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, which I bought because the cover was intriguing.)  Being of youth, I had to see why my dad liked this album so much.  As I listened to it, only three of the songs actually caught my attention and those were Satin Doll, What a Difference a Day Makes, and! Early in the Morning.  The later song is my inspiration for the post.  This song is heavy in the tradition of the blues and speaks of the loneliness of the speaker, tragically yearning for his love.  This is my take on the song as a now 19 year old Jazz musician.  At the age of 12 or so, I thought this song was HILARIOUS because at one point he says “I went to her mother’s house and she began to shout ‘get away from there Joe'”.  I listened to this song so many times just to hear that part that only THAT song would skip.  I never told my dad how much I appreciated him giving me his favorite CD, but I will make sure to add Early in the Morning to my rep list to show him I listened!