Final Exams

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Final Exams are generally the hardest part of the year.  It’s like having an important test that you forgot about, all..week..long.  On top of Finals, as a sophomore music major, I have to take the Sophomore Proficiency Exam.  As a freshman, this was explained as “The hardest thing you will ever do in your college career.”  Don’t worry, I brought enough diapers for three daycares.  Needless to say, I was very, very, nervous.  Like my hands are shaking and someone needs a triple bypass type nervous.  So I did what I do best! Procrastinate.  I found this beautiful app called Duolingo where you can learn spanish german and most Western European Languages (This knocks out my studying for spanish).  Another helpful procrastination tool is Candy Crush (Only if you don’t mind waiting 2 hours after you lost on level 73 five consecutive times to continue procrastinating.)  But wait, if you start now (but later is better) you can read blogs about how to stop procrastinating and do more productive things.  You usually don’t find these articles until you have a paper due tomorrow that you haven’t started.  In between my procrastination sessions, I had panic sessions.  Like when you have a paper due at 11:59 and it’s 9:26 (don’t worry, you still have time.)  Someone else generally starts it by letting you know how much time you have left with a statement like “OMG!! How are you going to finish it before twelve.  you have like 2 hours!!!”  (Thank you lord for my pampers).  Then you start typing the best paper of your life, from the perspective of Maya Angelou because from your perspective there would be too many analogies (just me?).  When all is done it is about 11:56 and you turn it in and feel accomplished.  Note that all of the steps learned in High School about the drafting process have been shortened to the final draft, with no peer editing or even self editing, just faith that Maya Angelou’s spirit will flow through you.  Needless to say you barely pass on the paper and your grade is a 87.3 and you think to yourself…”I could’ve done better.”  In all actuality I have been experiencing that feeling a lot lately.  Generally I could have done a lot better but I waited until the last minute, giving a half-hearted attempted and not really growing as I should have from a specific course or opportunity.  One of the ways to try to combat this is to make an agenda (or do your work when you get it).  By getting an agenda, you can start to organize due dates and work on it little by little.  If you write down goals for each day, the fruits of your labor shall be plentiful (let the organs play here).  

Another thing is to nag yourself. I am in the process of developing someone that is generally displeased with me to say, “Really”, “Are you serious”, and various expletives. This is how I wake up early, practice classical music and various other things I don’t like. Try it out!! Let me know how it goes!!
(Note: that I started this post about 2 weeks ago, our whenever finals were xp)


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